Monday, October 01, 2012

To the field...again

Zoe had a home game this afternoon against Ellsworth.  Let's just say that we lost.  Zoe hurt her pinkie.  It bent all the way back, so it is swollen and bruised.  :-(
Emily has started a new book.  I think she starts one every other day.  She loves to read!
Eleanor had her first cheering/tumbling class today.  She had fun!
Noah & I started volunteering in Zach's class today.  We are going to help out on Mondays & Wednesdays at 2:00.  We will play different math games with the kids.  Today, Zach picked Longrie to be his partner and they were the first to play a concentration game at our table.  When they were done, they each picked someone else to come over to the table.  The kids who didn't get a turn today will get a turn on Wednesday.  Noah loved talking with the kids and telling them about his brothers and sisters.
Kate was on the game this evening for Family Home Evening.  Eleanor helped Kate make up a game.  We played it outside and it helped us get to know Kate & Eleanor better.  They asked us a question about one of them like, Who is Kate's favorite singer (Hilary Weeks).  When we guessed wrong, the game turned into dodge ball and Kate threw a ball at us.  It was the best game that Eleanor has come up with yet.  After the game, we came inside to eat warm, yummy cinnamon rolls.  :-)
I think it's time to eliminate another food from Noah's diet.  He hasn't had milk for a week, but he is still having tummy troubles.

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