Friday, October 19, 2012

Live From TOFW

Patti, Lucvie, my grandmother & I are the first in line to enter the Time Out For Women room!  We are always early, but have never been first in line.  We are in Springfield, Massachusetts.  We left Bucksport at 9:30am and now it is 4:36pm.  We ate lunch in Portland at On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina.
Michael McLean just said Hi to us and said he is glad we are here and then he walked into the room we are waiting to enter.  :-)
My Aunt Tonia is with us now!  She had a group that she was going to come here with, but the other women backed out...just like my mom!  We miss you, mom!  So, my Aunt Tonia drove here by herself and has a room by herself (at the same hotel as us) when she could have come with us!  :-(
We are in and my shopping is done.  I had my girls in mind and bought a talk on CD "keep texting from taking over" by Brad Wilcox & Russell Wilcox and David Archuleta's music CD Begin.  I am eating a yummy mint Utah Truffles.  Yum!

TOFW has begun!...6:30pm
Sheri Dew is on a recorded video talking about the 10th year anniversary and how TOFW got started.  Fall 2002 in Phoenix is where it started.  Sheri Dew's friend had a venue open because of a cancelled event, so Time out For Women was born.  Yay!  She hopes that we will be ready to receive the messages that God wants us to hear.

Michael McLean is singing.  Thinking of you mom!
TC Christensen...Film Maker...watching 4 clips from "17 Miracles" and then TC gives more details and testimony of these pioneer miracles.  TC loves cocoa puffs, FYI.

Brad Wilcox...Brad means Dweller in a broad meadow...loves learning about names...TC's name is Tom
Brad's son is serving a mission in Japan
Brad served his mission in Chile.

Different names of Christ
Jesus means God is help
Christ means Jesus the Messiah, the Anointed One
Jesus of Nazareth or Jesus the carpenter's son...God is a framer, so carpenter's son works for Brad
Known as the son of God & the son of being one of God's names
Firstborn & only begotten...spiritually born 1st, only begotten in the flesh
Jehovah...covenant name
I am
The bread of life/The living water
King of Kings/Lord of Lords
Son of the blessed...reference to His mother Mary
Christ knows our names
God loves us just the way we are, but he wants us to continue to reach our potential
Immanuel...God with us

Michael McLean with McKenzie Turley.  Beautiful voice!  Entertaining.
A great TOFW evening!

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