Saturday, October 06, 2012

Cheering & other pictures

Kate's 1st Cheering/Tumbling class...

Shake it in the stands!

Kate's 1st back walk over
Zoe's soft curls...
Most of the 15 kids at Hayden's Birthday Party!  Not a great picture, but it will trigger the memory someday.  Jenn, Andrea & I had fun looking at older pictures while the kids played.  They have grown so much and we have added a few more kids over the years.  :-)
Eleanor played goalie again today.  I don't think the ball came to her once.  Our offense dominated the game today!  We beat the undefeated white team.  :-)  Go Purple!
Kate & Zach had their last soccer practice today.  All of the kids received their own ball.  Yay!   

After soccer, the kids & I watched General Conference at my parents' home with Elya.  My parents left for North Carolina today, so we have the run of their house.  I hope they didn't expect to have any food left when they get back.  :-)  Matt worked on the house today while he listened to conference.

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