Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Recent Photos

Noah's soccer debut...

 Playing defense...

Recent construction!
Matt & Zoe spent this evening working on the house.
Emily & Eleanor's rec soccer game...
Eleanor played goalie for part of the game, but I didn't get a picture of her.  :-(

I went with Eleanor & the 4th grade classes to Acadia National Park today.  Here is Ranger Mike giving an introduction to our upcoming learning of peregrine falcons.
 Ranger Matt talked about habitats before going on a walk to learn about beavers.
Ranger Todd points out different signs of beavers...

The kids got distracted when they saw a hiker up on this mountain.
The kids saw and held different parts of a beaver.


We ate lunch and then hiked the Great Head Trail.  It was a beautiful hike!

The kids were split into 3 groups along the hike.  Each group presented what they had learned in their folders that they were given to study.  Eleanor's group talked about different ways to identify a peregrine falcon.  They had a rope to show the wing span of the falcons and bald eagles.  From yellow tag to yellow tag is the wing span of a female peregrine falcon.
Here is the wing span of a female bald eagle! (yellow tag to yellow tag)

After traveling to Bar Harbor and then back to Bucksport for the field trip, the kids & I rode to Ellsworth after school for Emily's game.  Emily had the 2nd game after the boys, so the kids played on the playground before Emily's game.  I loved watching Kate push Noah on the swing.  :-)
Emily's team won 3-0!  That made us parents SO HAPPY!  The girls were excited, too.  :-)

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