Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Freezing Camp

That's how Noah refers to the camp last night. His feet were super cold! Kate's favorite part about canoeing/camping was the toasty warm fire! The nighttime ghost stories were a big hit. Along with the s'mores. Noah never goes to bed early, but he fell asleep at 7pm last night and he slept all night long. He should camp out every night! The canoeing this morning was hard in the wind and cold. Noah lay on the bottom of the canoe shivering and saying over and over again how freezing he was. :-( They were all warm and clean when I got home this afternoon, though. Emily & Eleanor had their last rec soccer day today. They had a round robin where they played 3 fifteen minute games, so they played each team once. We won our 1st game, lost the 2nd game & tied the 3rd game. Then we went into the Miles Lane gym for awards and pizza/chips/desserts & drinks. It went much quicker and smoother this year having the awards first and serving pizza instead of subway sandwiches. Maybe it felt quicker because I was helping out with the food. This was Emily's last rec year, so she got a trophy. I can't believe she'll be too old to play next year!

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