Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Remember when...

When I am older, will I remember how crazy, busy Wednesdays are?  Probably not since I had already forgotten how busy Wednesdays used to be when I was young women's president.  I will forget, but I will have this record to remind me.  :-)   Noah & I left the house at 1:30pm to stop at the grocery store for trail mix ingredients for Cub Scouts.  Then we went into Zach's classroom to help out for the last half hour of school.  We picked up Zach, Eleanor & Kate from school and headed to Hampden to watch Zoe's game in a light rain.  The game started at 3pm, so we saw the second half.  We lost 4-0.  We met Matt & Emily at the Chicken Barn on our way to church to switch some kids.  Matt had picked Emily up from her practice, so I needed to pick her up and then Matt took Noah & Kate.  My car headed to church and Matt took Noah & Kate to McDonald's and then home.  For young women's, Zoe, Kayla & Kes ate snacks and watched Sister Ann Dibb's conference talk.  The Cub Scouts talked about food/nutrition and my group made trail mix.  For Activity Days, Emily, Eleanor & Alea talked about being children of God and they each drew a picture of themselves.  I treated Zoe, Emily, Eleanor & Zach to McDonald's before coming home.  A bus load of kids were just finishing up, so we had great timing there!  Now, I am ready to crash!

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