Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pumpkin Party

I spent the day fasting for Romney and setting up for my first Relief Society activity.  We had a pumpkin party this evening!  Everyone brought a snack, meal or dessert that had pumpkin in it. I want Linda Rich's pumpkin pudding recipe!  It was so yummy!  I also loved Kristen Speranza's pumpkin salsa.  I brought home my grandmother's leftover pumpkin cookies.  Those will be our treat tomorrow.  :-)  My treat tonight (besides all the yummy food) was holding 4 month old Finn.  He is so cute and little!  I'm so glad that Mallory & Mike are in our branch now!  I enjoyed being with the sisters this evening!  They are so much fun and I am blessed to know them.  :-)

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Mal said...

It looked like Finn was happy to be held! It was fun getting to catch up/meet everyone. And I agree that the pumpkin pudding recipe must be had!`