Tuesday, October 09, 2012

House Progress

Matt, Zoe & Emily put rafters over Zach & Noah's little play area yesterday.  :-)
I am so excited for the boys!  I bet there will be a lot of Lego building in this tent like room.  :-)

Matt & I went on our 1st date 16 years ago!  A man that was not only willing, but interested himself in seeing "Emma" is a keeper!

Kate has been wanting to ride the bus, so her wish was granted this morning.  The kids waited for the bus to take them to school while Matt, Noah & I went to meet with Kate's teacher, Mrs. Peters.  Kate is doing great in school!  She loves learning to write letters and she can't wait to learn to read!  She has made many friends in her class and she is a happy girl in school.  :-)

Emily made a beautiful pass during her soccer game this afternoon to Nicole who then scored a goal!  BEAUTIFUL!

We have had 2 family dinners in a row!  I love it!  I love Fall!  I love cooking for our family!  Eating together has such a positive impact on our family.  We celebrated my sister's birthday & our 1st date anniversary with cake.  :-)

I started reading the 3rd Harry Potter book to Zach & Eleanor this evening.  I've thought about buying the book on CD, but I would miss reading to them.

The Halloween costumes are out!  For the rest of the month, I will get to see the kids dress up in many different costumes. :-)

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