Friday, October 26, 2012

Pictures, Pictures & More Pictures

Nature Girls

Testing the soil
Spreading milkweed
Moose leg
I saw a bobcat standing on the side of our road one night and it was huge!

Zoe's last middle school soccer game

 We hosted a fun Halloween party today!  Thank you Eleanor, Mo, Jenn, Hayden, Connor, Lauren, Colby, Colleen, Longrie, Sophie, Andrea, Jack, Jesse, Harry & Victoria for coming!
Thank you Jenn for lending us fun costumes!
We played fun games outside thanks to the beautiful weather!
 Hmmm...this is harder than I thought!

Can you fit 22 people in a condemned trailer?  Why yes, yes you can.
The kids bobbed for apples and then covered their apples with chocolate frosting or caramel sauce.  :-)

We didn't get to the mummy pizzas during the party, but Zach, Kate, Noah & I had some for dinner.

Such a fun start to the weekend!

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