Saturday, October 27, 2012

More Halloween Fun!

We had our Halloween party at church this afternoon. I wish I could post the pictures. I miss being able to post pictures from my Xoom. The cord or something stopped working awhile ago. Maybe Santa will help me out. Anyway, the party was super fun! There were awesome games for the kids! Sack races, fishing for little webkinz animals, a pumpkin toss & a glow in the dark dart gun room, which attracted the teenagers. :-) We ate soup & bread. Cakes were brought out for Brittyn & John to celebrate their 16th birthdays, which were this month. Then the kids (small & big) went room to room collecting candy & toys. This was the first year that all of our kids went independently to collect their goodies. Matt & I watched as they went person to person down the hall & back. They were very pleased with what they got. After they had a chance to check out their loot, I brought the younger 4 home. Zoe was invited to Brittyn's & John's party at the haunted school house near the church, so Matt & Emily waited for her. They were going to make sure everything was clean & tidy for church tomorrow since it is our week to help clean. I'm still waiting for them to return home.

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