Sunday, September 30, 2012

Notes from Zach

Zach has written me two very sweet notes.  The first one he wrote several weeks ago in his primary class.  It says...
"Dear mom I love you.  Are you having a great summer?  You are the besd mom ever.  Love Zach".

The second note he wrote at home when I was away from home for a meeting or something.  It says...
"Dear mom Thank you for all of the things that you have done for us.  We love you and we all wase will.  Love Zach and Noah and Kate and Eleanor". There was a paper heart with the note that said "for mom we love you"

Zach is so thoughtful and sincere.  He has such a sweet spirit and I love how he expresses his love often.  I love you too, Zach!

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Kris said...

So sweet! Those are the things that make it all worth while, don't you think?

I bet everyone was happy it was Sunday after such a cold & wet Saturday outside. I hope you had a good day.

I really appreciate your posts, Joey, it helps me know each of your children a little bit to read the "every day" things they do & say. Thank you!! Have a great week :)