Friday, October 12, 2012

Soccer Pictures & More

Zoe at practice the other day...

Emily's game the other day...

Our biggest carrot from our garden this year.
It's not very big, but we didn't expect any carrots to grow this year, so we are happy to have it!  :-)

Kate did a great job going up for this extension during cheering.  Her coach told her that she did very well!
Zoe's game yesterday...

Emily had her last Middle School soccer game this afternoon at Doughty in Bangor. I've been wanting to see Emily score a goal at this level all season and she did it today! WooHoo Emily! I treated Emily & Eleanor to Subway for dinner. Matt, Zoe, Zach, Kate, Noah & a few other Dads & some of their kids are camping this evening at Camp A...(I don't remember what Matt has named it). I hope they are having fun & staying warm! I am near the heat here (Jen Noonan & I watched the boys play before we watched Emily & Cassidy play, so I am chilled to the bone! The boys are really good!). I am ready to relax and read my book. :-)

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