Monday, October 22, 2012

Kid Update

Zoe got a 97 on her first Algebra test!  Way to go, Zoe!
Emily is doing a great job keeping up with her chores and staying motivated to do them.  :-)
Eleanor is the first of our children to be referred to an orthodontist.  She has a side bite and her top jaw is smaller than her bottom jaw.    Her top jaw needs to be extended.  I will make an appointment and we will go from there.
Zach got a 100 on his math facts!  He completed his paper in 10 minutes and he got all of the answers right!  Way to go, Zach!
Kate has adjusted well to Kindergarten and she has made some good friends.
Noah had a tic lodged into his head that Matt took out this evening.  It was all blown up and very disgusting!  Noah has a scab on his nose that everybody wonders how he got.  He is often climbing and falling, so I don't know which fall caused the scrape on his nose.

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