Friday, October 05, 2012

Fun Friday

Zoe's hair looked very good today with the soft curls.  I'll show you  a picture tomorrow.  She tried a different technique this evening on herself and on Eleanor.
Noah & I went on a walk today with Zach's class.  We walked part of the Miles Lane Trail to collect leaves.  Noah felt like a 2nd grader as he received his own bag with his name on it to put his leaves in.  Each child could collect 8 leaves.  Noah brought his leaves home, but Zach & his classmates are going to press their leaves and make a picture with them.  Before we left, Noah & I went outside for recess with Zach's class.  Noah had a great time! Eleanor was outside on her playground, so I went to see her, too.  When Noah & I left the school, we only had a little over an hour before school ended, so we went to the park to play.  After school and into the evening, we went over to Jenn's for Hayden's Birthday  party.  We all had a great time!  Zoe & Emily stayed after school for soccer practice and then I went to pick them up.  It was nice to hop in the car and go without loading up the younger 4.  You are awesome Jenn!

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