Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Zach & Kate started this fun Halloween with special snacks at school. Zach's snack theme was orange. I love how Mrs. Cressey drew jack o'lantern faces on tangerines! Kate had a harvest snack theme. Her class made applesauce yesterday and they ate it today. Noah & I went in to Zach's classroom this afternoon to help with their pumpkin math activity. It was all about estimation and then figuring out the real answer. We measured the circumference of our pumpkin, we counted the vertical lines, we weighed the pumpkin & we counted how many seeds were in the pumpkin. 704! Noah was the lucky one to put a cooking pumpkin in water to see if it would float. It did! There was snack food left over from morning snack, so Noah joined Zach's class in eating it. Noah also received a special book from Mrs. Cressey to bring home. Zach has the same book, too.

This was a year to break traditions. The mall is no longer passing out candy on Halloween, so we had to come up with a new plan. We stopped at Mrs. Cressey's home first. It was fun to see the pumpkins that Zach & his classmates had worked with today. During class, each group decided on a jack o' lantern face for their pumpkin. We drew the faces on the pumkins and then Mrs. Cressey carved them when she got home. The kids had fun visiting with Mrs. Cressey and her dog. The kids jumped when the scarecrow sitting nearby moved and scared them! Then we got to meet Mr. Cressey. :-) The kids were warned in class that Mr. Cressey would do that, but it was kept a secret from the rest of us! We did the rest of our trick or treating along Forrest Hill. We saw many friends & teachers along the way! It was raining when we first got out of the car, but it quickly let up. We ended our fun Halloween evening at the Halloween party at the Jewett school that is put on by the fire station. The kids played fun games & ate a few treats. We came home and the kids ate their favorite treats from their buckets. It was a nontraditional Halloween, but it was a hit and the kids are ready to continue this new Halloween tradition next year!

This was our first year trick or treating without Zoe. :-( She came along for the ride and spent most of her time in the car. She did join us for the party.

Emily & Zach stayed with their wizard costumes from Harry Potter. Noah stayed a pirate and Eleanor was a pirate, too. Kate was a butterfly.

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