Thursday, November 01, 2012

Halloween Pictures

Church Party

 Awesome fishing game! 
 Which little webkinz will she get?
 A hippo!  The kids also caught 2 puppies & a rooster.

Fun bean bag toss!
A group photo is the ticket to
trick or treating!

These big kids escaped the group photo, but managed to get candy anyway!

Zach made a pizza all by himself!  It was half cheese and half pepperoni & pineapple.  The dough was already made, but he rolled it out and added all of the ingredients.  Way to go, Zach!  It was yummy.  :-)

Pumpkin Carving Time!

High Five anyone?

Made by Zoe, Eleanor & Kate/Matt
Made by Emily, Zach & Noah/Matt

Children's Museum.  There is always something new!
 Spider rings
 Move like a snake

Halloween Night

 Mrs. Cressey's house.  Zach designed the jack o' lantern that is 3rd from the right.
 This house had awesome window pictures

 Mrs. Pelletier!

 Hey Mrs. of your Kindergarteners is here!
 Zach & Kate had so much fun seeing their teachers on Halloween night!
The final Halloween party
 A note from Mrs. Peters' class thanking the fire fighters for visiting them.

 Another fun bean bag toss!

 We hope you had a fun Halloween!

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