Saturday, September 29, 2012

Another wet Saturday

It was a COLD & wet soccer morning!  The kids & I got to the field around 8:45am.  Usually at that time, there is no parking left near my concession tent, but thanks to the rain today, there was plenty of parking.  People trickled in as the time passed.  I sent Noah onto the field with Kate & Zach since there weren't a lot of kids there.  I got busy setting up my concession stand and Kate & Zach's soccer practice started.  I looked to see where Noah was and he was in a group practicing right with them.  He looked so cute!  He came over to me when it was time for a drink of water and then he went right back onto the field.  During the scrimmage at the end of practice, Noah had no idea where to be, but he didn't care.  The next time I looked, he was the goalie!  How cute is that?!    One of the parents gave Noah some pointers and Noah tried to apply them.  Noah, you are a funny little man!

I finally took Eleanor to get her picture taken today!  She is a natural at posing and she looks like a model in her picture!  We both enjoyed dinner together at McDonald's.  I love how the amount of calories is on the menu now!  At least in Brewer it is.  I tried not to look at the calories today, but it will be handy on the days that I am counting calories.  I think all menus should have calories listed.  In the past, I have had no desire to count calories, but lately I have had the eye of the tiger.

I picked up Rachael & Elya this evening to watch the General Relief Society Broadcast with me at my parents' house.  It was so good!  My parents & Zoe got back from the temple right after Elder Eyring started talking.  The Phelps were sealed as a family today. :-)

I found out today that Stan Brewer has passed away.  He was a missionary with his wife in our branch several years ago.  He has been battling cancer.  My prayers & thoughts are with his wife, Diane & with all of the family.

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