Thursday, September 13, 2012

Soccer, Colds & Friends

Noah & I took my grandmother to have blood drawn this morning and then she treated us to Dysarts. Yum! I'm glad my cold isn't affecting the taste of delicious food. The back to school colds are spreading through our family. Boo! Zoe's cold hasn't slowed her down. She played in her first soccer game today in Old Town. Matt went to watch her play. I'm looking forward to watching her tomorrow. While Zoe was playing her game, Emily was at soccer practice at the Middle School and Eleanor was at soccer practice behind the Miles Lane School. Soccer, soccer, soccer! After the game, Matt took Zoe to the youth activity at church. Our youth like to plan activities on their own and make them happen. Zoe is blessed to have such a great group of friends at church. :-)

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