Saturday, September 15, 2012

Soccer, soccer, soccer

Newport 3 Bucksport 1...Yesterday's game

Zoe is the corner kicker

Emily played goalie for a bit during her game today
The players get advice before the game from the ref/club president, Richard Sprague.

Emily & Eleanor racing to the ball
Emily's corner kick
Kate is now old enough to play soccer!  This is the first year that Kindergarteners have been able to sign up to learn soccer skills.  Zach likes having Kate at soccer with him.  Zach is 3rd from the left and Kate is 2nd from the right.

Lauren is playing soccer...YAY!
My Dad thinks I spend too much time behind the camera and not enough time in front of it.  I disagree, but he got his way today.

Zoe was at a stake youth service project at Acadia National Park today, while I was selling lots of goodies at soccer.  All the baked goods and food donations sold out today.  Awesome!  Zoe was exhausted after hauling lumber and walking 4 miles.  Tomorrow will be a delightful day of rest for all of us!

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