Thursday, September 27, 2012


Every day is busy!  Noah & I left the house at 11:20am to go to lunch with my mom (fun & yummy Pat's Pizza!:-) and we didn't get home until 7pm!  We went right to the school to pick up the kids after we ate (it's a long drive).  We were a half hour early, but Noah was sleeping and I was sleepy, so we both enjoyed the rest in the car.  We picked the kids up and then watched Eleanor's soccer practice.  I watched while the kids played on the playground.  I joined in the scrimmage with another mom at the end of the practice.  Playing soccer with 3rd & 4th graders is perfect for an amateur soccer player like me.  It's lots of fun!  After practice, we headed to Hampden for Emily's soccer game.  Again, I watched while the kids played on the playground.  The opposing team showed lots of skill on the field as they won 4-0, and they were sweet off the field as they were concerned about one of our players who got hurt and they said goodbye to our players as they left.  I was impressed with their attitude on and off the field.  We finally headed home after Emily's game.  Zoe & Matt worked on the house this evening.  Zoe was bummed that she couldn't go to Emily's game today, but her hard work paid off and she can go to Emily's game tomorrow.  :-)

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