Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday = BUSY

Noah's belly aches and diarrhea started happening recently.  He is still dealing with it, but he has only been off milk for 2 days.  He really misses milk in the morning!  

Colby came over this morning to play with Noah.  They had fun playing with trains, cars, playing outside & watching some of the CARS movie.  :-)

It was a busy afternoon/evening!  We headed to church after school, so I could  be at my presidency meeting with President Dauk.  Then I went to the Ellsworth High School to meet the cub scouts for a bike ride.  I want to bring our kids there sometime to ride bikes!  The weather was rainy, so it was stressful deciding whether to have the activity or not, but we forged ahead and ended up having a great time with no rain!

My mom took Zoe, Emily, Eleanor & Zach to Governor's for dinner.  Friendly's closed in Ellsworth :-( and it is now Governor's.  They met up with Jon & Alex (young men in our branch) and their parents, Dinah, Dick & Kristen.  They sat in the special group room and I'm sure they had lots of fun!

Matt picked up Kate & Noah from church to bring them home.  They stopped at McDonald's, which Kate & Noah were hoping they would do that!

Zoe had a game in North East Harbor after school.  Our friend, Jen dropped her off at church for us.  :-)  Zoe didn't want to miss the activity tonight because they decorated shirts.

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