Friday, September 07, 2012

Pictures & A Birthday Wish

The younger kids have literally been climbing the walls lately!
Noah & I went to MERI this morning.  Noah loved playing in the sand box full of shells.  He likes to fill a funnel with sand and then dump the sand in different places of the sand box.  We saw a female lobster full of eggs in the touch tank.  Noah fed little fish, eels and hermit crabs.  We listened to some stories and then the kids made snails out of clay, wire, beads, googly eyes & pipe cleaners.  MERI is Noah's new favorite place to visit!

We celebrated Matt's 48th birthday this evening. Matt opened his cards and then the rest of us (including my mom) ate his cake. He is always doing well on his diet on his birthday, so he never wants cake. We always insist on a cake, though! I made one that wouldn't tempt him in between dropping Zoe & Emily off and then picking them up for soccer practice. It was a crazy afternoon! My mom took Noah & Kate home with her for a sleepover and then Matt & I went to Bugaboo Creek for dinner. Our meals were delicious as always and we had trouble with our rewards card as always. We have a new card for the new program, so we thought our card troubles were over. We actually like the card trouble because it means a cheaper meal for us. We got $10 off our meal this evening. It was a bonus birthday gift. :-) Matt is ending his birthday on a great note now watching the Utah vs Utah State game on his Kindle Fire. :-) We love you Matt! We hope #48 is a great year!

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