Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I am remembering 9/11/01 & the good ol' days when gas was affordable! I didn't like paying $3.99 per gallon for gas today in Bucksport! I'm glad I didn't wait to fill up in Brewer (which is often cheaper) because it is $4.10 there! Carpooling is helpful these days, so I'm glad we have great friends to share rides with. :-) Noah & I rode with Jenn to the Maine Jump today. Andrea came with us and we met Christy there. It was a fun outing!

Connor & Lauren came over after school when homework was done. Zach & Connor each have a different Phineas & Ferb Nintendo game, so they played on each other's game. Kate & Lauren played I Spy on the wii, played on Kate's Nintendo & played other games. It is fun to have friends that live a foot path through the woods away. :-)

Matt, Zoe & Emily moved lumber that was delivered yesterday to the new house. It had to go up on the 2nd floor to start building the roof. Exciting!

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