Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Scouting is FUN!

Noah & I went shopping today to get ready for Cub Scouts this evening. Most of the boys (except for the Webelos) went through the Bobcat trail this evening. They were taught the scout handshake, which they had to do to get into each station where they learned the scout sign, salute, motto, meaning of Webelos, law of the pack & the scout promise. The boys were also given a passport that they could mark after completing each station. While this was going on, my mom & I prepared snacks and goodie bags for the boys. Zach had another great evening at Cub Scouts. :-) My Mom treated the kids (Zoe, Emily, Eleanor & Zach) to McDonalds before we came home. I dropped the kids off and went shopping again for mouth guards. Zoe has her first soccer game tomorrow!

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