Thursday, September 06, 2012


Zoe & Emily are trying out for the middle school soccer team. I think everyone will make the team, but they will find out tomorrow if they are on the A team or the B team.
Eleanor had her first soccer practice after school today. She is on the purple team for the Bucksport Soccer Club. Emily is on this team, too, but she will just play in the games on Saturdays because of the middle school practices after school. I like the new purple team coach, Shawn/Sean? Mercer. He knows soccer, he is organized, he learned all of the girls' names today & he is fun. Eleanor wasn't sure about playing soccer this season, but I think after today, she is happy that she is playing.
Noah & I went to Sam's Club today to shop for the concession stand for the soccer club. This is my second year being in charge of the concession stand. Last year, my mom & I did a lot of the baking and I sold the food & drinks every Saturday of the season. This season, I am recruiting bakers and sellers. I already have a list of names. :-)

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