Friday, September 21, 2012

House building, Soccer & Party!

This has been a super fun day for the kids and a fun day for me, too!  After school, Connor's birthday party began next door.  Emily & I joined in for an hour and then we left for Emily's 1st Middle School "B" soccer game.  Emily played most of the game as the right wing and she did a great job!  She continued playing even after getting hit in the face by the ball.  She assisted in the one goal that we got.  The game ended in a tie (although Jen Noonan & I think we lost 2-1.  I'm pretty sure that Ellsworth scored 2 goals).  While at the game, Zoe & Matt worked on the house.  I am anxious to see the progress after tomorrow!  I will post pictures soon!  The rest of the kids stayed at Jenn's while I went to the game...bless her heart!  The kids had a great time playing games, eating lots of yummy food & just being together.  I was able to go over and visit when the game was over.  :-)  I hope Jenn & Connor have an awesome Birthday weekend!

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