Friday, September 28, 2012


Zoe is at my parents' house for the weekend.  She is going to the temple tomorrow with them and my grandmother.  Before Emily's game this afternoon, she was giving the team some tips and coaching them.  The ref came over and thought she was the coach!  I think someday, somewhere, she will be.
Emily played hard in her game and then she did a great job babysitting this evening.
Eleanor had fun playing with her friends at the game.  You can always find her doing gymnastics when she is outside...and inside!
Zach left his coat on the school playground yesterday afternoon.  It was still there when he got to school this morning.  :-)   He likes to play on his Nintendo during Emily's games.
Kate is loving school!  She used primary colors in art class today.  She was having a fun time at the game until she spied the concession stand (this was the first time it has been there) and then she was suddenly starving!  I got a taste of what the soccer parents on Saturday must go through with their kids as they beg for concession food that I am selling.  Also, the ladies under the tent stayed nice and dry while the rest of us got wet.  I will appreciate my tent more tomorrow!
Noah felt better today.  He is snoring beside me.  He is a heavy sleeper.  He sleeps through most anything!
Matt & I went to see "Trouble With the Curve" at Hoyt's.  I loved the story, but the bad language squashed my desire to see it again.
Justin came over to work on the house with Matt for a few hours this evening. :-)

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