Sunday, September 16, 2012

Settling into Relief Society

I enjoyed being in Sunday School & Relief Society today.  I figured out today that in the 14 years that Matt & I have been going to the Ellsworth Branch, I have been to Relief Society meetings on Sunday only 3 of those 14 years.  I had forgotten how quiet & still adults are! :-)  I loved sitting next to Matt during Sunday School.  The lucky man is still without a calling!  Kim & I met with the Stake Relief Society Presidency after church.  Cheryl Beveridge is the President with Nancy Raymond & Judy Reitze as her counselors.  Heather ? is the secretary.  We talked about upcoming events happening next year.  I am super excited that Barbara B. Jones is coming to speak at our stake center on May 25th!  I have never heard of her, but she an EFY speaker, so she must be great. :-)
My Mom was called today to be the new Primary President!  Cheryl Phelps is her 1st Counselor.  There are lots of changes going on!

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