Monday, September 24, 2012

Service Can Be Fun!

Noah & I spent most of our day helping and being with my grandmother  :-).  We took her to her eye appointment, which took a few hours.  She was worried about how long she was taking, but Noah & I had a great time relaxing, reading, playing on the Xoom & listening to Glenn Beck.  When we got back to town, my grandmother treated us to Subway.  It was fun to eat in the new Subway, which is now by Family Dollar.  It is big with lots of seating.  I love it!  Noah loved getting a yummy sandwich, cookies, juice, a new bag, fireman badge & stickers!  Thank you again Grammie for treating us.  :-)  

The kids & I went to Zoe's home game after school.  We played really well, but we just could not score a goal!  We lost to Old Town again 1-0.  The last time we played them, they scored 3 goals, so our defense is getting better.  We met up with Matt at home to eat dinner and then have our second half of Family Home Evening.  Having our reverent part of FHE on Sundays has been working out great.  We played Jenga and then the kids enjoyed peanut butter cups for their treat.

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