Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Missing You

I really missed the internet last night when Noah and I were up at midnight. We fell asleep at 7:30pm, so Noah was ready to play during half of the night! I coughed and coughed and felt miserable. I start feeling worse in the evening and throughout the night. Zach was coughing a lot last night, too.

HSBC has our new phone number, so they called this morning. I'm actually glad they did because it saved me a phone call to them postponing a payment that was due tomorrow. It's weird, but it really made my day that they called me and I didn't have to call them.

I felt better today, so I had a more productive day, which was nice. I'm still coughing here and there and my throat hurts a bit, but I have more energy.

Matt came home early, so I could bring Zoe to the doctor for a physical. The Softball league pays for the physical, which is AWESOME! Zoe's coach sent us to the wrong doctor's office, but the receptionist there was really nice and she called the other doctor's office in town to see if the physicals were taking place there and they were, so we ended up in the right place. Zoe is healthy and the doctor said she is very coordinated, so she is ready to play softball!

Zoe, Noah, and I are now at my parents', so I could update here. 2 hours 18 minutes later I am about done. Zoe is eating grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner and then we are heading home. She has homework to do. It doesn't involve paperwork, it involves us talking...
Me: "Does our talk have to do with the human body?"
Zoe: "Yes" ...


Kristy said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Kris said...

Wow, thanks for taking the time to fill me in on the many happenings of the week. i hope you are feeling better. I'm sorry it is hard not having the internet.

I hope "the talk" goes well (or went well, as the case may be...) and I'm glad the library book is FOUND! that is the best feeling!

I can't wait for Conference - and no lesson to prepare for you, that will be nice!

MJ said...

I miss you!!! The nice thing is knowing I'll have a great blog to read and catch up on at least once a week!

Say hi to your mom for me, and say hello to everyone at church! I miss all of you!!!

HeatherT said...

I do really like the internet for those late nights with kids. Sorry it was a yucky night.

Janae said...

Joey~ so great to hear from you! It sounds like a busy week, and I am hoping you guys will be over colds soon:)
I hope the talk went well:)
I am glad you are having a bit of a break this Sunday with Conference. That was nice of Matt to give you a break last Sunday since you were sick.

Dawn said...

Well, it was good to catch up on all your doings - hope you're all feeling better. We've had so many germs circulating the two houses that it's ridiculous.

I'm so glad the library book was found!