Saturday, March 21, 2009

Friday, March 20th

Matt waited for the bus with the girls and then he left with Don for a 2 day boat show in Portland/pick up a boat part in Rhode Island adventure. My goal for the morning was to prepare my Sunday School lesson, which did take me all morning to accomplish. Since I had the Yukon, Zach, Kate, Noah, and I took a ride to McDonalds to go through the drive-thru and then we went back home to eat. Birthday money made this fun and yummy lunch possible. :-) We spent the afternoon getting the house in order and I figured out how to get Zoe's pictures from her camera on to our computer. When the older girls got home from school, they emptied their backpacks and did their chores, and we got packed up to spend the night at my parents' home. Eleanor was more focused on eating and she wanted to do her "homework" and look at her new library book. She was in no hurry to leave! I wanted to leave the house somewhat clean, so I was hurrying kids along, as the younger kids went around making messes.

When we arrived at my parents', Zoe was the first one on the computer to update her blog. I wanted her to write about her birthday, so then I could link to it on my blog. I didn't realize she was going to add pictures to her post, so she waited while I got the pictures off the memory card and figured out how to use the Windows Photo Gallery, which I have come to love! Knowing how much blogging I wanted to do and not being familiar with the photo program was a bit stressful, but I felt better after I realized how easy the program is. It's quicker to fix a picture and post it on the blog here at my parents' than it was at home. That is nice! So last night, not only was I trying to figure out the picture program, but I had children all around asking for different foods to eat and movies to watch. It was chaos! After dinner, things settled down a bit and my mom and I were able to start our Glenn Beck marathon. We got through one episode and then we got the kids ready for bed. We then watched 3 more episodes. When we were done around 11pm, all of the kids were asleep and we were ready to sleep, too. Taking care of kids is a lot of work! I'm not just discovering that, I just wanted to say it.

Oh yeah, Noah discovered the stairs last night. He climbed up one step before he was stopped. He's just trying to keep up with his siblings!

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