Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thursday, March 19th

I sat down at 9:03pm and took notes about my day. All of the kids were asleep. It was quiet and peaceful...for about 5 minutes and then Noah woke up.

Matt had a Stake Leadership meeting to go to in the evening, so it was a long day at home with the kids. It was a good day, though. I discovered how warm it was outside in the late morning when I walked to the mailbox. I mailed some thank you cards that have been on my mind for awhile now, so that felt good, and I mailed a few birthday cards. When I got back to the house, I told Zach and Kate I would go outside with them. What a beautiful day! Noah had his first time in the swing...

Then Kate had a turn...

Zach wanted to swing on the big swing...

but the snow is still too deep, so the baby swing was better than no swinging at all!

I counted out loud to 50 for the last 50 pushes and Kate helped me out. She can count to 10 now, so when I said 24, she then said 5, then I said 25 and she said 6, then I said 26 and she said 7, and so on. So smart of you, Kate!

Kate had a bit of trouble in the snow. Walking in the snow was exhausting!

Kate didn't actually go down the slide, but she played on the platform for awhile.

I fed Noah and then he took a little snooze.

I got 4 loads of laundry done and I took on the project of clearing off the counter and making a spot for the KitchenAid mixer. That of course led to some rearranging of the cupboards as well. I also got the stones I was storing in the stove out and made room for those in the cupboard. No more taking the stones out of the oven when I cook and trying to find a spot for them. Yay! I am getting better at getting rid of things that we never use or rarely use and making room for the things we use all of the time. I am learning to make the things we use all of the time easily accessible because if I don't, then the area doesn't stay organized.

Zoe is loving her new camera. It amazes me that her "toy" camera is better than my "real" camera. She has taken a bunch of videos. She accidentally erased the video of Emily pretending to bump into everything and fall down and it ended with Zoe zooming in on Kate who was leaving the bedroom and then she really tripped and fell down. We were all bummed she deleted it. I'm planning on using her camera at times to take videos because her videos have sound! I also wonder if her camera takes better pictures in a gym than mine does. I'm sure it does.

Noah fell asleep around 6:30pm, so I was able to put away all of the kids' laundry and clean up the kitchen in the evening. I had just sat down to relax and take notes about my day when he woke up. It was nice having the productive evening without him following me around and whining at me, though. He's getting better at entertaining himself, but he doesn't last as long as my projects do.

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