Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sunday, March 22nd

Zoe took some pictures before church. Emily wasn't dressed because she stayed home with Matt because of her bad cold.

I love Sunday afternoons because I'm feeling good that another Sunday School lesson has been taught and I haven't started preparing for the next lesson yet. It's a short, but nice break.

I mentioned that it was Kate's last diaper day. Then I said that Kate would be wearing underwear tomorrow. Zoe: "Be prepared for a lot of cleaning!" So wise for a 10 year old!

Zoe converted a canning jar into an Education Savings Jar with some ribbon and patterned paper. After paying tithing and putting $5 into her education jar, she still has $30 left. I wish I had $30!


Gabriela said...

Cute pictures! I like Sunday after church as well-I stay that way until about Wed. Then I start thinking about what I have to do for the following Sunday (this week I have a lesson and Sharing time-I'd better get started!)

Kris said...

Kate is getting so much hair! Cute pictures, I love Zach in his tie.

HeatherT said...

Zoe takes good pictures! And we have the very same princess nightgown. Of course, Chris's mom buys PJ's twice a year for the kids so we may have every princess nightgown made in the last 5 years.