Sunday, March 08, 2009


Matt's speaking assignment was in Rockland today, so we all went with him since the Yukon is the only vehicle running right now. We were out the door at 6:45, which was 5:45 yesterday! The kids did really well getting ready considering how early it was. Zoe was a big help with Kate during Sacrament meeting. Kate was not in a reverent mood and I was feeding Noah, so Zoe took Kate out into the foyer to walk around with her. I thought it was so cute when Zoe told us that she played the reverence game with Kate and that she won. Anyone would win playing against Kate! The kids did so well going to their Primary classes. Even Kate went into Nursery. It took Zach a few minutes to go into Primary, but I never heard from him again once he did. It was fun being in the Sunday School class and listening. I had looked over the lesson a few times during the week when I was planning on teaching, but I never fully prepared the lesson. Knowing what was in the manual, it was interesting to see what the teacher focused on and how she presented it. It was a good class.

Our Stake President, President Martin was there, so I was able to have my temple recommend interview with him and to get my recommend signed after church.

We had a quick snack in the kitchen and then we headed home. It was a quiet ride with everyone asleep, including myself. Even Matt dozed a few times. I'm glad we made it home safely!


Kris said...

Joey, thank you for all the time you take to write & post pictures. It is so fun to know the Maine happenings. I'm glad you made it home safely, too, that is an early morning!

Zach's birthday sounds & looks like so much fun!! I love the rocket party, what a great idea. What could be more fun for four four year old boys :) I'm glad Matt has a fun new weapon, I mean toy, to play with.

Janae said...

I can't believe you all got up so early considering the time change! I am very impressed! And, glad you all made it home safe and sound:) Joey, I just got a comment on my blog from you and it's 1:20 am my time so really late for you!! Kids must not want to sleep? Hope you get some rest soon:)