Sunday, March 08, 2009

Super Fun Birthday!

When I said Happy Birthday to Zach yesterday morning he exclaimed, "Today is my REAL birthday!"

We had a fun time celebrating Zach's birthday yesterday with friends. Zach's Primary class includes 4 boys who turned 4 this week (Kai, Koa, Zach, & Douglas), so our families got together yesterday to eat lunch, shoot rockets, and eat a rocket cake!

At home before the party, Zach opened his gifts from his Grandma & Grandpa. He finally got to open the box that was bigger than him! Zach...and Matt now have a Vulcan Nerf Dart blaster to play with, and that is exactly what they are doing right now as I type this post.

We gave Zach an army tent. It didn't look like much in the box, but once it was out of the box and unfolded, he was excited about it. I think he'll appreciate it more when he has his own tent at Camp Bravo.

Zach and Matt are shooting the girls...a very reverent Sunday, before bedtime activity. Not! Noah is upset because every time he gets his hands on a dart, it gets taken away. Matt's word for the blaster is AWESOME!

Eleanor and Emily had their basketball practices yesterday morning before the party. Emily won the basketball tag game just like she had the week before! When she got out during the 3rd game, some of the kids were surprised and said, "Emily, you're out?! I thought it was funny that the boy who kept making it to the end would bounce his ball a few times and then hold it for a few seconds when one of the other kids would try to knock it away. A lot of the kids would just focus on their dribbling, but Emily would go around and try to knock balls away while keeping control of her own ball, which was exactly what she was supposed to do. I also noticed that Emily uses the correct passing technique, even when the coach is not teaching all of the correct steps in passing. It's fun to see her apply what she has already learned.

Now back to Zach's party, which we went to after the practices.
Here is a picture of most of the gang. Kate, Noah, and Baby Bo are missing, and you can't see Koa's face in this shot.

We ate yummy hot dogs, chips, applesauce, homemade chicken nuggets with sauce, homemade bean salsa, and chili. Everything was delicious!

Then it was rocket launching time! It was 50 degrees and sunny yesterday, so perfect. Matt made Zach's rocket Friday night after the kids went to bed.

How old are you, Zach?

There were technical difficulties and the kids started to go crazy, so Matt started a reverence contest. Most of our kids immediately lined up and some of the others followed their lead.

Here is Matt getting Zach's rocket ready to launch.

Here is Zach waiting for his rocket to blast into the air. The rockets never cooperated with our countdowns, but they did eventually go up.

Each of the boys had a rocket. Here they are with their rockets after they had been launched once or twice.

Zach got upset when Zoe got to his rocket before he did after it launched into the sky, so when his rocket went up again, we made sure he was the one to pick it up after it landed.

We went back to the Barrett's home and ate cake and ice cream.

The boys blew out their candles before the Happy Birthday song ended, so the candles were re-lit and we sang again. There were strict instructions not to blow out the candles until we stopped singing. What a cute bunch of boys!

You would think that this would be the end of the partying, but there is more to tell. After a quick trip to the grocery store and everyone had a bath when we got home, Zach opened his presents from Zoe, Emily, and Eleanor. I also bought him a few packs of gum with some of his birthday money. Eleanor made Zach several cards and pictures at school last week and she was the one who wanted to go to the store to buy Zach a gift with her money. Zoe and Emily liked that idea, too. We stopped at the Family Dollar store in between basketball practices to shop. I wrapped the gifts while Zach took his bath.

What a fun birthday weekend, Zach!

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Janae said...

FUN birthday Zach! This looks like a very awesome party! Looks like everyone had a great time too. So fun that he has friends having b-days too:)