Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I need to follow the counsel of "slow to anger" today

Noah hasn't slept much the past few nights. With the time change and lack of sleep, my patience is running pretty thin this morning. Zach and Kate are fighting. Kate is wearing Zach's "new" shirt that Zach doesn't want to wear, but he doesn't want Kate wearing it either. Kate is also playing with Zach's crocodile that Zach doesn't want to play with, but he doesn't want Kate playing with it either. I am in the type of mood that I am going to throw away everything they fight over today!

This is Zach's favorite shirt.

He wears it as often as he can, day and night. Matt is not a fan of this shirt, so Matt convinced Zach to put on a different shirt before he left for work this morning. Right after Matt left, Zach put his favorite shirt back on. It's not a battle I am willing to fight. If he wants to wear this shirt 24/7, so be it.

Noah is starting to cruise around the furniture a bit. He pulled himself up last night and then let go and plopped down on his bottom. He's still not very steady on his feet, but he is determined to stand.

When I cleaned/organized the kids' room last week, I took all of the art supplies out of the closet to put in buckets in the kitchen. I figured since I only want them playing with the art supplies in the kitchen, then the supplies should be easily accessible in the kitchen. The supplies have been sitting on the kitchen counter and on the dresser in the living room since last Thursday, so I finally put them away yesterday. It was nice to get back the little bit of counter space we have!


Janae said...

The time change has thrown us for a loop her too! I know it's just an hour but, we seem to be off. Maybe you guys can get a nap in today? Good luck:)
Also, Lexi is going to have her own room for now. We told her it is not for always though, and it is going to depend on her behavior if she gets to keep it or not:) so we will see!

Kris said...

I like Zach's shirt...I agree that is not worth the battle. My kids all have their favorites too that sometimes have to be hidden so they can get washed!

I think the time change is hard! It takes me at least a week or two to fully adjust.

HeatherT said...

I also think that his shirt is cute. And Clara and Anne have been doing the same button-pushing stuff with each other for a couple of weeks now. It's driving me crazy!

LaRae said...

Isn't it crazy how early in life siblings start to have their little spats. Hang in there! I think the time change messes all of us up for a while. Our biggest problem is pulling ourselves out of bed in the morning! It's been about 7:00 - which is way too late since the kids need to be out the door no later than 7:55.

MJ said...

Stupid time change. Whoever decided Daylight Savings was a good idea didn't have little kids! GRRRR!

We changed all the clocks but one in our room, so Aidan woke me up at 7 am. I wasn't thrilled or more awake when I found out it was actually 8 am. :P

Matt said...

Do I need to come home and teach the children a lesson in respect? I would call you, but I don't know your phone number. Can you email it to me?