Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thursday, March 26th

Before sending the girls out the door for school, I noticed that Eleanor had a very dirty face. Looking closer, I realized she had gum all around her mouth from blowing bubbles the day before. She was not happy that I insisted on washing the gum off her face! I wet a washcloth and started scrubbing, but the gum didn't come off easily. Eleanor went to school with a somewhat clean face.

One of my goals today was to find Emily's other missing library book. I prayed that if it was in the house that I would find it. Throughout the day, I looked everywhere that came to mind, but I never found the book. I had Matt check the Yukon in the evening, but he didn't find it either. Where is that book?!

Kate has a love of watching birds, just like her mom. :-) She also likes watching the squirrels, which she does not get from me. If she shot the squirrels, than she would be just like her dad.

Out of the blue, Kate asked for her binkie today. She even scanned under her crib hoping to find one. I was really hoping she wouldn't find one that we had missed, and she didn't.

Kate was sitting on my lap before dinner when she asked me for some food while pointing to the bottom of my shirt. It took me a second to realize that she was asking me to nurse her. I don't think so! I laughed while she looked at me with expectant eyes. She had these regressing moments, but then she went poop on her potty after dinner. She still likes to use her potty, but it happens when she wants it to.

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Ave said...

Lulu has those regression days too. Sometimes I think she acts two rather then almost four. She always used to place her hand over my heart while she was nursing, I weaned her pretty early at 17 months. When she comes and gets into our bed in the morning she snuggles up beside me and still puts her hand on my heart, I think it is so cute.