Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Monday, March 23rd

Potty training day #1! The morning was filled with a lot of accidents and a few successes. By 2pm, I was exhausted and tired of potty training. I wondered if Kate would ever be potty trained! Kate was getting tired of sitting on the potty and she was starting to say "no" when I said it was time to sit on the potty, but I persisted. By 3pm, Kate started to get into a groove of sitting on the potty every 15 minutes, peeing, and then playing for another 15 minutes. I started to feel better about potty training Kate. She didn't have any accidents all afternoon or evening. :-) She didn't want to put her diaper on at bedtime. Good sign.

We had our first family dinner with Noah sitting at the table in his highchair. It is a tight fit, but we are all at the table!

Family Home Evening was a bit of a challenge. Emily fell asleep right before dinner, so she missed dinner and most of FHE, although she could have been awake, but didn't open her eyes. Zoe was on the game and she wanted to play 10 broken eggs where we throw a ball around to each other and when we drop the ball, we "lose" an egg. Matt said no to the game, so she decided we would play "Fuzz, Buzz", but she wanted us to play in teams, but it's not a team game, so Matt started playing it the way we play it. We start at the #1 and take turns saying the number that comes next. We say "fuzz" instead of a number with a 3 in it and we say "buzz" instead of a number with a 7 in it. So instead of saying 3 we say "fuzz", instead of saying 7 we say "buzz", instead of saying 13 we say "fuzz", instead of saying 17 we say "buzz" and so on. There is a more complicated way to play which involves all numbers divisible by 3 and 7, but we are playing with little kids, so Matt simplified the game...where we have to tell Zach the answer, but anyway. By the end of the game, Zoe was in tears because we didn't play the game her way. Then Emily was upset because there was miscommunication and Matt didn't pick up the treat she wanted, so we had to come up with a treat from what was in the house. Emily was mad because she didn't get to pick the treat and we weren't having what she picked out. Plus, we insisted that she had to eat dinner before the treat, which didn't make her happy. The kids ended up having some leftover Valentine's candy and some colored marshmallows, which put them in better moods again. Emily did eat dinner and then ate her treat. Then I played 10 broken eggs with Zoe and that made her happy, so by bedtime, everyone was happy again.

What a day!


Kris said...

That sounds like some of our family home evenings... eek!

Good luck with the potty training!

ML said...

You are such a good mom!