Saturday, April 04, 2009

Wednesday, April 1st

So, Zoe's homework turned out to be a talk about things that keep our bones healthy. What? That was not the topic I expected and I kept questioning Zoe to make sure that was it. Why not learn that in class and then write down what you remember at home or look it up at home, why a talk? Weird. Matt, Zoe, and I looked up bones in our medical book and came up with the 5 or 6 answers she needed.

I started "Princess Academy" last night. I figured since I didn't have to prepare a lesson for Sunday School this week that I would enjoy a good book.

Can you believe it's April already?! Emily is a big fan of April Fool's Day. She likes to trick us into looking at things that really are not there and telling tales. She likes to have tricks played on her as well. Maybe next year I'll come up with something good for her.

Zoe and Emily had an assembly at their school today with NFL Patriots player Brandon Meriweather. A 1st grader in their school, Jocelyn Tozier won the "NFL Take A Player to School" sweepstakes. How cool is that? The assembly encouraged the students to play and exercise vigorously at least one hour a day. Zoe and Emily had no idea who Brandon Meriweather is or knew little about the Patriots/football in general, but they enjoyed the assembly. Jocelyn arrived at school in a limo with Brandon Meriweather and Jocelyn's class had their very own gym class with Brandon Meriweather. I bet Jocelyn was just beaming all day long!

Matt worked late today. He is in a good groove of doing vouchers (billing) one night a week, which makes me very happy. :-) I'd rather have him home, but I also like getting paid for the work he does.

I read "Princess Academy" throughout the day. What a great book, Janae. I'm so glad you sent it!

I was feeding Noah as dinnertime approached, so Zoe took matters into her own hands and made pancakes from scratch all by herself!

The kids went wild during the time they were supposed to clean up and get ready for bed. I let them play and goof around and they earned the natural consequence of not having time to watch a movie before bed. During this time of chaos, Eleanor and Zach were playing hide and seek. They mentioned to me that Kate was locked in the suitcase, so I went to see if that was really true, hoping it wasn't. She was in the laundry basket with the lid on calling for help. Little rascals! Emily was the most devastated with the news of no movie, but they all fell asleep pretty quickly after getting into bed. I so enjoy peace and quiet after a wild evening like this one!

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Ave said...

I liked Princess Academy ok, I thought it was cool to write about a connection with the earth's bedrock. I just finished her Thousand Days book, I thought that it was so-so. My favorite book of hers so far is Austenland, that made me laugh out loud.