Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tuesday, March 24th

Me: "It's snowing!"
Eleanor: "It will never be Spring!"
Yeah, Spring in Maine involves snow. It took me over 30 years to finally get used to that fact. I just shake my head at people who have lived in Maine a long time and still seem surprised to see snow in March, and even in April. It's really not an uncommon thing here. I guess some people need more than 30 years to learn that.

Potty training day #2. Kate starts off by rebelling against the potty. I wait 10 minutes and try again. She has success and we are happy. I set the timer for 20 minutes and when it goes off, Kate is not willing to sit on the potty again. I wait 10 more minutes and she is still not willing. I keep postponing and wonder when the accident is going to occur. Part of me is losing the desire to potty train and knows that Kate isn't fully ready, but the other part of me is wanting to only buy diapers for one child, so I continue. After the accident, and more rebelling from Kate, I ask her if she wants a dipaer on. She enthusiastically says, "YES" and I gladly put it on her. We are both relieved and more relaxed and happy with the decision to postpone potty training. I really don't mind changing 2 year olds and I am all for potty training 3 year olds, so I'm not sure what possessed me to potty train Kate, who is 2, but I am over it now.

The girls brought home their report cards. They are all doing GREAT in school! Eleanor and Emily got all 3's which means they are consistent with their work and learning, and they are meeting the standard. Zoe was the only student in her class to get all A's! Here is a comment from each of their report cards...

"Zoe is doing well in every way!"

"Emily works independently and eagerly approaches challenges. She has assisted many of her peers and has become more verbal during class discussions. Emily continues to be an enthusiastic hard worker.

"Eleanor enjoys school, is eager to learn and readily engages in conversation. Her positive student behaviors are reflective not only academically, but with peer relations as well. Eleanor is honest and displays a kind, considerate nature."

Keep up the great work, girls!

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HeatherT said...

I am not a fan of early potty training either. My mom, on the other hand, tries to talk me into potty training each kid as they turn 2. But I've learned to resist the pressure.