Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tuesday, March 17th

My St. Patrick's Day fun was finishing the organizing in the kids' bedroom, and I did it! I even fit in an hour of play time with Zach and Kate. I haven't taken a picture of the bedroom, but it's like a big playroom now and the kids love it, and I love the fact that they play in their room more now.

I dug several ladybugs out of Noah's mouth. Disgusting! Ladybugs are not for eating, Noah.

Zach has started calling Kate, Katie.

Kate bit Emily when Emily sat next to Kate to read to me for her homework. Emily: "That is the hardest I have ever been bitten in my entire life!" Why do all of my children have to go through the biting stage?

Zoe is anxious for her birthday. She wonders what is in this box from Grandma and Grandpa...

We also received a box from Kerri filled with clothes and Zach got a birthday gift. We started putting together his lego front loader. Fun!

Notice the disaster in the backgound? I rounded up all of the bags going to Goodwill, my mom's, and to friends and Matt put them in the Yukon and in my mom's car when he got home. Big improvements going on with the organizing/decluttering! The house is feeling lighter.

My mom and I went to Enrichment meeting to celebrate the Relief Society's birthday. We gave Rachel a ride. We ate a delicious meal and watched "The other side of heaven." It was a nice evening. I sat with mom, Patti, Marilyn, and Rachel during dinner. My mom, Rachel, and I were the only sisters to last through the entire movie, along with Barbara and Bob. Everyone else had gone home. It was a long activity (3 hours), but it was nice to be out. It would have been nice to do activities with the sisters to interact with them more, but the movie was relaxing and fun to watch, too. Kayla, one of our primary children, asked me if I was wearing green and when I realized I wasn't, I said no, but I also told her that she couldn't pinch me. I guess my preoccupation with organizing distracted me when I picked out my outfit for St. Patrick's Day. No green anywhere.

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