Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wednesday, March 18th

Happy Mother's Day to me! Zoe turned 10 years old. She had a good day that started wwith pancakes for breakfast. She went to school where her name was displayed on the birthday board in the lobby and her class wrote birthday compliments to her. She has had some good friends in her classes since Kindergarten and they wrote about how nice she is, how she is a good listener, and that she is a great friend. She makes all of her friends feel like they are her best friend, so they really appreciate her friendship.
Zoe was concerned that she would have to wash the dishes on her birthday, but one of my gifts to her was to wash the dishes for her. After school, She watched "Coyote Summer" to help pass the time before dinner and her family party. She wanted macaroni salad, ham, potatoes, and squash for dinner, but we had pepporoni pizza instead. The dinner she wanted sounds really good, so I'll have to make it soon. My parents came over to celebrate Zoe's birthday with us. Zoe enjoyed all of the fun presents she received and she got $30!
Here is a picture of Zoe with one of the cards Zach made for her.

The kids really enjoy making cards and giving gifts to each other. They enjoy the birthday party, even when it's not their own.

We were impressed with my mom's wrapping of Zoe's new body pillow...

I would have folded it up and stuck it in a giftbag...or garbage bag...whatever works.

There were a lot of smiles on Zoe's face during her party.

Kate paid close attention when Zoe opened her gifts...

She had fun trying out Zoe's new things...

Singing "Happy Birthday" to the birthday child is my favorite part of the party.

Zoe tried on her new summer outfit and sandals, and she is holding her new camera. Fun presents!

Zoe wrote a post about her birthday here.

I'm still getting used to the fact that I have a 10 year old! Zoe made it to the double digits. :-)

Emily stayed home from school today. She has a bad cold and she woke up with an earache. I made her some eggs at 10:22 after getting other things done and she said, "It's weird that I'm having eggs in the middle of the day!" Yes, it was a long morning.

The kids have rediscovered the computer games we have, Blues Clues, Strawberry Shortcake, and Ronald McDonald. After playing the Strawberry Shortcake game, Emily thought we should have a real cake house, so when we're out of food, we can eat our house! After giving that a thought fo a minute, she added, "but it would need healthy decorations outside, so we're not just eating cake." That is an impressive comment coming from my girl with a very sweet tooth!

Here's a good picture of sick Emily.

I helped Zach finish his lego front loader. I could spend hours building these lego sets!

Who needs toys when you can play in a cardboard box?

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