Tuesday, March 03, 2009

3 is quieter than 6

Yesterday was a busy, loud, long day. I got A LOT of laundry done, but I heard A LOT of crying from Noah and other children while I did it. I haven't had a full laundry day in a long time because it's exhausting, but when I was sending kids to the dirty laundry baskets on Sunday to find tights and sweaters, I knew a full laundry day had to be done.

The kids did a good job of entertaining themselves for the most part. They watched a few movies and got on YouTube for a brief time, but most of the time they played...and argued...and ate. The older 4 kids went outside to play in the late afternoon, but it was very cold outside, so they didn't last too long out in the snow.

I had told Zach on Sunday that we would try out my new exercise mat and exercise tape on Monday, so he kept asking me about it yesterday. I finally told him that I would get it all out and he could exercise while I put away laundry. He was happy until Kate insisted on being on the mat, too. A little later, Eleanor was exercising on the mat to one of my FIRM videos. It was so cute when she was doing stomach crunches and I heard her say, "Ow! This hurts my belly!"

Snow is still lightly falling from the sky, but Zoe, Emily, and Eleanor are on their way to school. I was sending them to school whether there was school today or not. :-) This is the second day that I have woken up with a sinus headache. I'm planning on getting the bathroom cleaned this morning and then the kids and I are going to take a nap together again this afternoon.

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Martie said...

Cute, cute, cute girls! Hey! Join our exercise group! We'd love to have you.