Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monday, March 30th

Zoe stayed home from school. I was still feeling crappy, but I felt better as the day went on. My mom took the day off to run some errands, so she came over to play a game of Phase 10, which was fun. Zoe played with us.

I was on the lesson for FHE, so we focused on General Conference. I had everyone think of one word that they thought we would hear during General Conference this weekend. Then I had them pick words out of a bag that I had found in the October Conference edition of the Ensign and I read a paragraph or sentence with that word in it. Then I had them list 8 words that they thought they would hear in conference this weekend and then they need to mark a tally next to each word every time they hear it. The fun is to see which one of their words they hear the most. Zach picked some fun words to listen for like shirt and coat. :-)
Thank you Primary Presidency for the conference packet full of activity pages for the kids to do during conference!

Matt learned of a fun conference "game" for older children and adults. As you listen to a talk, you try to guess what the title of the talk will be when it comes out in the Ensign. Have you tried this? I'm going to play along this weekend.

Matt is missing the internet more and more with each passing day. I miss it, too, especially the connection with people. I'm not able to keep up with blogs as much now, but know that you are often in my thoughts!

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ML said...

I might try that General Conference game with my Seminary class.