Saturday, March 21, 2009

Caught up!

Today has been filled with basketball and blogging. Eleanor and Emily had their last basketball practices today, yay! After writing a post, I took Eleanor to her practice and missed out on the pancakes and eggs breakfast here. Bummer! Eleanor practiced for 45 minutes and then she didn't want to play anymore when the ball hit her finger and hurt it. She was fine, but she was also tired from the sleepover, so she didn't practice anymore. Andrea bribed her with a snack, so she would join the group for a picture. It didn't take any bribing for Eleanor to stand in line for a lollipop, though. I gave Andrea the clothes for Victoria and Colby, so no more clothes in the house or the car. :-)...until I dig out the Spring/Summer clothes.

I brought Eleanor back to my parents' home and I have been blogging since. My parents took Emily to her practice and they took Zoe with them. They went to Best Buy to exchange Zoe's Nintendo game and they were going to Walmart. Mom and I have plans to play a game of Phase 10 when they get back and I need to go to the grocery store before heading home to give baths and get the kids ready for bed. I'm not sure what time Matt is getting home this evening, but I'm not expecting him until late.

Noah has also discovered the cat food. Yum!


HeatherT said...

Wow, that's a busy day!

Kris said...

Now I am caught up reading about your week. You got so much done this week!! that is great. Good job. Do you think you are more productive without the internet at home, or just coincidence? Have you been having withdrawal, or is it OK?

It sounds like Zoe had a great birthday, and you all had a fun week!

Anonymous said...

Levi and Alexa used to eat the cat's food. Of course, they were teenagers, but they thought it was a fun competition. I just watched and laughed.

Dawn said...

Wow,how did I get so far behind? It was good that you were able to catch up on blogging and get so much done in your house!

Janae said...

wow, you had a very productive week:)
Happy b-day to Zoe! We still have her card on the is coming:)

Kristy said...

You are so good to get caught up! Sounds like life is busy!!!