Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Doing well

I have been wiping Kate's nose all day and wiping Noah's eye all day. The cold that is going around in our home includes a minor viral conjunctivitis, but with Noah that seems to be the only symptom. We have dealt with colds here and there this winter and some minor stomach bugs, but we have really faired well compared to a lot of families we know. It has been a tough winter for so many who have been dealing with illnesses all winter long. We have been blessed with good health and I am grateful!

Not having access to the internet at home is a weird feeling. I don't think about getting on the internet as much as I thought I would, but I do miss having that connection. The computer seems so empty without it! My mornings start out more productive since I don't have the internet to spend an hour or so on before I officially start my day, and I go to bed earlier without feeling guilty about not getting on the computer to blog. I'm sure my week last week would have been just as productive, but I would have lost at least an hour of productivity a day to the computer. So far, it has been okay. Now I deal with the balance of visiting with my mom when I am at her house and using her computer. This evening, we played a game of Phase 10, watched "Glenn Beck" and then I got on the computer. A well-balanced evening, I think. :-)


Janae said...

sounds like things are going well. FHE sounded rough this week...ours was too! I hope the colds are gone soon:)

Dawn said...

I think it's a wise decision!

We've had so much sickness around here this winter, too - and lots in our family.

We're having a snow day today - a nice surprise for our dry state. We have many spring storms - in fact more than winter. So many people move here from elsewhere and can't believe it.

Kris said...

I hope the colds go away, too, but you have a great perspective on it.

MJ said...

We just had a blizzard blow through today, and it cracks me up how many people are shocked--we had a wicked mild winter, of COURSE it's going to snow in March or April!!

And I know it's worse where you are, so I don't even THINK of complaining!

Noah is looking JUST like his dad!

Hope everyone gets to feeling better soon!!!