Friday, March 13, 2009

Last Post From Home

Kate went poop and pee on the potty yesterday! Don't you just love a post with the mention of poop and pee in it? Kate has been sitting on her potty chair a lot lately, so I have decided to start really potty training her on Monday, March 23rd. Next week is super busy in the evenings with meetings and Zoe's birthday, but the following week is clear. Having only 1 child left in diapers will be nice!

Zach had his 4 year old check-up yesterday afternoon. Matt came home early to watch Kate and to be here when Zoe, Emily, and Eleanor got home from school. Zach brought the card that he wrote his name on to show to the doctor. He has become quite talkative and he went right up to the receptionist and told her who he was. They had a conversation as we got him checked in. He was very cooperative during his vision test and he did very well. He has very good eyesight. He was cooperative as the doctor checked his body. He was even game for his 4 shots. He had no idea what he was agreeing to, poor thing. There were 2 nurses giving the shots and 1 nurse holding Zach's hands since I was holding Noah and couldn't help. One of the nurses had Zach count to something fun was going to happen after. Getting poked by 2 needles is not fun! He cried and then had to endure 2 more shots. The nurse asked him to count to 3 again, but of course he wasn't falling for that again. The nurse counted and he got poked again, and he cried harder. One of the last shots was a stinger and Zach tensed up a lot. It was so sad.

Matt and I watched "Chuck" and "Life" last night. I am going to miss watching our shows here. The past few days, I have been going back and forth about disconnecting our internet here at home. I realized last night that I am more at peace about disconnecting, and Matt didn't jump at the chance to talk me out of it, so I am moving forward with our plan...this afternoon.

I am going to miss updating my blog frequently. I enjoy keeping my family and friends up to date with what is going on in our family. I tried to convince Matt to update for me from work, but he refused. My goal is to update at least once a week from either my parents' or from the library.

I have a new blog name and design, made by my friend, Courtney. I have yet to figure out how to change the html code, but I am working on it. I may end up having Courtney change it for me. Keep checking back for the change, and for an update. :-)


ML said...

I will miss your frequent updates, but look forward to reading every one of your future posts!

Kris said...

I will miss your frequent updates too! And a new blog name & everything... that will just make it harder to wait!

I think that is great you are going through with your decision. I'm sure you thought about it a lot and I hope it helps & isn't too hard.

Katie said...

March 23 is my birthday and bound to be a good day, so Im thinking potty training will be very successful! Your blog one of the few that is usually always updated, it will be sad not to get to read whats new so often!

Cindy said...

I'll miss reading your blog everyday, too! I'm sure you'll get used to not having the internet at home and love it! I love the new look of your blog and the new pictures, too! How cute!