Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I dropped my Yukon off at Dave's Auto this morning to get an estimate for inspection. Dave called this evening and it is going to be one expensive inspection. The good news is that we sold our rowing machine today. Yay! Coincidence? I think not!

Zach went to the High School today with his classmates to see some cool science tricks. He came home with fun silly putty! It was funny to hear his older sisters reminisce about their silly putty from 1st grade. There were comments about it getting thrown away and blankets being thrown away after the putty got on them. Zach got concerned about his silly putty being thrown away and I did break it to him that it would eventually get thrown away. BUT, he could probably keep it longer than his sisters if he keeps the putty in the kitchen and stores it in the bag.

Thanks to Matt & my Mom, everyone was able to get where they needed to be this evening. Matt dropped Emily & Eleanor off at the field for their game. Then he came back home to get Zoe, Zach & Noah to bring Zoe to young women's. My Mom picked me & Kate up to go to the game.
Eleanor walked and she was cracking me up when she got on 3rd base. She was dancing while she waited for the next batter.

Eleanor took her lead

and then headed back to the base after every pitch.
My Mom treated the kids to McDonald's after the game and Matt brought the boys to McDonald's during Zoe's activity. Zoe was not impressed that everyone went to McDonald's except her!


Martie said...

Zach suddenly looks so grown up! When did that happen? Those sneaky little punks... how dare they get big?!?

You guys do so many awesome activities. One thing I don't enjoy about our community is the lack of things to do. Most of the sports events are on Sundays, the bowling alley is VERY pricey, and due to the climate, mini gold is only open for a few months out of every year. The teens end up playing too many video games because they literally can't find anything to do. I love a community where there is much available for family entertainment!

Martie said...

That would be mini GOLF, though a bit of gold would be fine too.