Monday, May 21, 2012

Kindergarten Screening & Track Meet

Kate went to her 1st Kindergarten screening today
and I went to my 5th. Kate had no problem going off to do her part while I did mine. It's funny to hear the staff at the school say that I could run the screening myself. I met with Mrs. Peters and when she was talking about calling in for absences, I added that a written note is needed now, too. She had forgotten that and she added it to her notes. Too funny! Eleanor, who stayed home from school today with a headache and Noah ate snacks and played while Kate & I were busy. The screening was near Zach's classroom, so we stopped to see him on our way out. I love getting big hugs at school from a 1st grader!

Zoe was invited to participate in the final track meet of the season today at the University of Maine. She ran the 100M, 200M and the relay. She wasn't happy that her 100M time was slower today than at her last meet. She placed 2nd in her heat during the 200M, so she was pleased about that.

Having her compete at the beginning, middle & end of the meet makes for a long meet! Fortunately, my Mom offered to watch the kids for me while I went to the meet by myself. Sweet! She even brought the kids over to the field to watch Emily play her softball game. I sat by Belle, whose Mom was at the same game with Belle's daughter. Helpful Moms who live close by are WONDERFUL!

Zoe was pretty serious throughout the meet, but I did catch her smiling and laughing as she waited for the relay.

You did great today Zoe! You should be proud of your accomplishments!

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