Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Track & Socker

Zoe had her 2nd track meet this afternoon/evening in Ellsworth and the kids & I were able to go to it. :-) We missed her running in the 100, but we arrived in time to see her do the high jump and her other events. There is a lot of waiting around for the high jump.
It was only in the mid 40's, so it was painful to see Zoe waiting around for the high jump in her t-shirt and shorts! I had 2 fleece jackets on and I was still chilly!
The kids watched the meet for about a minute and then they went off to play.
Zoe ran the 200 (in the picture below she is on the far left) and then she had a long break before she ran the relay.
I walked the kids over to the school playground to play while we waited. We headed back to the track after the 1st call for the relay.
You did a great job in your events, Zoe! Zach wrote a sweet story about Zoe and socker... "My sister plays in socker. She is on the purple tem. My sisters name is Zoe.(Zoe was impressed that he remembered to put 2 dots over the e). She is very good at socker. Some times Zoe wins. And some times she loses. I like my sister." So sweet!

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Martie said...

Go, Zoe!!

GREAT writing, Zach!